Richardson YMCA Sports Association

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Field Locations

Below are all the Locations/Rules for every sport

TypeFile NameFile SizeLast Updated
Colored Wristband Guide44 KB12/18/2013
RISD Gym Rules Memo158 KB12/5/2016
Soccer Tournament Rules332 KB7/19/2017
YMCA NFL Flag Rules747 KB3/21/2018
U12 Modified Player Pitch Softball106 KB4/4/2018
T-Ball Rules83 KB4/4/2018
U10 Softball Rules189 KB4/4/2018
Coach Pitch Rules54 KB4/4/2018
Modified Player Pitch206 KB4/4/2018
Player Pitch Rules33 KB4/4/2018
Futsal Rules152 KB5/22/2019
Richardson YMCA Basketball Rules124 KB6/18/2019
Richardson YMCA Soccer Rules 2020234 KB1/30/2020
Basketball Practice Drills62 KB12/16/2013
Coach Code of Conduct196 KB2/27/2014
Parent Code of Conduct201 KB2/27/2014
Field Maps
Lookout Field Map66 KB2/23/2018
Heights Park Field Map63 KB2/7/2018
Berkner Park98 KB9/9/2016
Woodland Park84 KB2/7/2018
Custer Park69 KB2/7/2018
Point North Field Map100 KB8/30/2016
YMCA Home Map53 KB2/24/2020
FUMCR Field Map65 KB9/1/2018
Field Reservation Card
COR Field Reservation Card148 KB3/2/2016