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Coach Registration Link and Conflict Form


There are two requirements to complete – Criminal Background Check, CBC, and Child Abuse Prevention, CAP, online video training. It is easier to complete the CAP before completing the CBC. This must be completed before the coaches meeting.

The coach conflict is located at the bottom of this page.

FIRST TIME USER REGISTRATION FOR Dallas YMCA Volunteer Matters (10 Minutes):

Do NOT use your phone. Please use a desktop.

Returning Coaches: If you coached a fall or winter sport and completed or renewed your background check nothing more is needed from you for Volunteer Matters.

New Coaches:

1. Visit: Richardson Family YMCA Volunteer Head Coach Registration Link

2. Click “Volunteer” for the sport and season you will be coaching.

3. Click "Register now" for new accounts or "login"

4. Complete the registration and read/sign each credential.

5. Enter your 9 digit ss# (if it asked for your last 4 digits you did not complete the application all the way)

6. Click "Continue"

7. You should get this message down Below

For those new to coaching or have not completed their video online training:

I. Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Online Training (12 minutes):

Go to

Registration code: ydallas9622

Be sure to fully complete the application including the background check. Please email May MacGregor at if you have any questions or problems.

If you registered as an assistant coach there will be a coach or another assistant coach to work with your team together. New team rosters are built around your players school or by request.

Here is the submission report:

Conflict Submission form

Thank you

Richardson YMCA